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Since 2004, Climate Friendly™ has helped its customers like JDC Electrical offset more than 120,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from their home, business, car, travel and other activities that uses energy, while growing the renewable energy industry.

In partnership with Climate Friendly, JDC Electrical have measured their carbon footprint and immediately offset more than 116 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions associated with their business by purchasing Voluntary Carbon Standard renewable energy credits generated from a wind farm in China and by switching to Australian GreenPower.

JDC Electrical are committed to minimize their carbon footprint and are working to reduce their energy consumption and supporting a clean energy future.

Climate Friendly only accredited GreenPower and renewable energy credits from new, renewable energy projects, the highest standard of emissions credits in Australia and internationally.

For more information visit climatefriendly.

JDC Electrical also has a Lamp recycling program in place. Where all lamps replaced are sent to the appropriate facilities where the mercury, glass, aluminium and phosphor powder are recycled preventing environmental damage as there is enough Mercury in a fluorescent tube to pollute 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe drinking level.

For more information, visit lamprecyclers.


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