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Accrediated Service Provider

JDC Electrical is an accredited Level 2 Service Provider authorised to work on the Integral Energy network.


Cat 1 – Disconnecting and reconnecting to electrical network
Cat 2 – Installing and doing other works on underground services
Cat 3 – Installing and doing other work on overhead power lines
Cat 4 – Installing household and small business metering and energising Installations

JDC Electrical can now help you with the following services:

  • Installation and supply of private power poles
  • Installation and repair of aerial services single and three phase supplies
  • Installation and repair of underground services single phase and three phase supplies
  • Installing your energy meter, off peak meters and solar energy meters.
  • Supply and/or Installation of temporary service boards and builders boards
  • Upgrading your service from single phase to three phase supply
  • Repairing any defects on your service
  • Disconnection of power to property so it can be safely worked on
  • Upgrading and servicing your switchboards
  • Installation and hire of tiger tails so work can safely be carried out around your point of attachment

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