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Lighting Solutions

Whether you looking to brighten up your workplace or you looking to cut cost in energy efficient lighting JDC Electrical can offer you a solution.

Just cause your florescent light are working does not mean they are giving you light to there full potential. Most fluorescent tubes have a working life of 12 months. Not only can we replace faulty lamps as licensed electricians we can also repair faulty light fittings. But our service does not stop with just the replacement of lamps or repair of fittings we also clean the fittings and diffusers. So whether your light fitting is not working, flickering or dull we can brighten up your environment.

Retail lighting is important to overall sales. Good lighting attracts customers by creating a warm and friendly environment. A dull shop or poorly lite up displays are not inviting to the customers.

JDC Electrical can come to your workplace or home and give you professional advice on how to reduce your energy requirements. With the replacement of conventional tungsten halogen globes with compact fluorescent or metal discharge lamps can give you more light for less energy.

Testing and certification of all your Exit and Emergency lights. By law they should be check every 6 months.

As part of the JDC Electrical stand for the environmental all globes, fluorescent tubes and metal discharged lamps are collected and sent to a specialized recycling plant where the mercury, glass, aluminum and phosphor powder can all be recycled providing customers with a safe and efficent way of disposing of used lamps whilst reducing their environmental risks. Visit Lamp Recyclers website for more information.

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