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Smart Wiring

Imagine an environment that can evolve as your needs do. Do you dream that with a touch of a button you could set the scene for a board meeting or control your home. With a complete integrated environment you can save energy as lights think for themselves and dim, turn on and off to suit light levels. Imagine an environment that knows there is no one in the room and switches off the lights to conserve energy.

Do you dream of having the latest in entertainment in your home, where every room is zoned and playing different music. Are you sick of one person controlling the vibe and you want your own personal space listening to Miles Davis while the kids are in the other room listening to Metallica. Where there is no more arguments which program you are going to watch. Do you dream of a complete cinema experience with surround sound. Imagine a house that knows you are not home and it turns itself off closing all the blinds, turns off the lights and activating the alarm.

Imagine how impressed clients would be with a professional environment where lights, sound and vision can be adjusted at a touch of a button. No more playing with dimmers and light switches to go from your clients arriving in the boardroom to when you have to make that presentation. Imagine with a touch of a button you could go from all the lights being on, music playing in the background and a screen with advertising promoting your business to lights being dimmed and the mood being set, the music fading away and the screen going into a welcome message as your clients settle into you winning them over with your presentation.

Now it is time to stop dreaming cause the professional team at JDC Electrical will make your imagination come to life.

JDC Electrical has a demonstration environment that is open by appointment only.

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